November 2, 2017

Practicing the Act of Creating

With November being National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), I thought it would be appropriate to follow a similar theme and to simply try to write a post every day this month. I know that it will be a challenging endeavor since it means I'll have to come up with twenty-eight more topics to write about, but I think it'll be a worthwhile adventure!

The inspiration for this...

A few months ago, I happened to stumble upon this article called Create More Than You Consume by Mikael Cho. The reason it stuck out to me is because I'm what some might call a "compulsive ADHD learner." I get obsessed with new topics and learn it for a while before skipping onto something new.

The upside to this is that you learn a lot of different things. On the other hand, the pattern of simply learning about new things without much tangible application of it makes it only marginally useful. And worse, there's this lack of accomplishment that you get when you ponder how all this time has passed and you don't have much to show for it.

The article doesn't necessarily preach anything phenomenally different than most other ones, but it happened to strike a chord with me because I was the epitomy of consuming far more than I created.

It is time to put up or shut up

Since my goal is to keep moving forward while breaking old habits (i.e., simply learning about new things and never doing anything with it), I decided that blog posts were the smallest unit of work I could produce and have something to show for it at the end of the day. I know that the quality of the posts will vary from day to day, but that's alright because this is a rite of passage that I believe will prove invaluable when all is said and done.

With that said, I bid you good night and will see you tomorrow with another post for what I dub BlogWriMo (Blog Writing Month)!