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Everything here is written via the stream of consciousness writing technique and should be treated as a rough draft at best (i.e., very little editing). However, I promise you one thing: none of the posts below are meant to be offensive or malicious in any way. So if you read something that you feel is offensive, please let me know and I'll be happy to take the time to rewrite it!

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  • The Battle of Personas

    When creating something on your own, one of the most challenging aspects I've found is the number of personas competing for your attention.

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  • Build with Ben (#25) - Trello Clone with Nuxt 3 (Beta) (Part 2) Overview

    It's time to continue our journey of building a Trello clone with Nuxt 3 beta!

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  • YAGNI For Now

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  • Productivity Power Hour #1 Overview

    For the first "Productivity Power Hour" session, I'll be talking about my workflow for creating notes in Obsidian!

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  • Build with Ben (#23) - VueUse + Vue 3 Overview

    For my very first Build with Ben for 2022, I'll be kicking it off with a bang by checking out the amazing VueUse library by @antfu!

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