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Everything here is written via the stream of consciousness writing technique and should be treated as a rough draft at best (i.e., very little editing). However, I promise you one thing: none of the posts below are meant to be offensive or malicious in any way. So if you read something that you feel is offensive, please let me know and I'll be happy to take the time to rewrite it!

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  • How to Check Whether an Inline Fields Contains a Value with Obsidian Dataview

    Recently, I came across a problem where I struggled to query notes with inline fields properly. And after searching high and low in the forums and docs, I figured out a solution and wanted to share it here.

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  • My Favorite Underrated Vue 3 Feature

    When it comes to JavaScript frameworks, it's common to focus on well... the JavaScript stuff. But of all the features in Vue 3 that I love, mine is actually on a CSS feature (with some JavaScript 😜).

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  • Meeting Your Standards

    You don't achieve your goals. You meet your standards. — Source unknown

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  • Becoming a Meaningful Specific Again

    When I first heard this phrase, "meaningful specific," I was a little perplexed by its wording. In my life, I've always heard of the word "specific" used in the context of an adjective and never as a noun.

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  • Getting Back in the Arena

    These last few months have been tough content creation wise for me, but this post is my first step to finding a way back.

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