This is the section where I will store more formal articles and tutorials for things that I create. It is different from the blog section which is more catered to stream of thought writing, whereas the content in this section get a lot of revisions.


While you can find a lot of my free resources on YouTube and Twitch, here you can find some of the official video courses that I've created on other platforms.

Up and Running with Serverless Functions

Jamstack Explorers

Serverless functions is a very popular topic, but it can often be confusing to many. And if you're like me and come more from the front-end side of development, it can be downright intimidating. This course will take you from zero to building the foundation you need to equip yourselves with the confidence to use serverless functions in your applications.

Production Grade Vue.js

Frontend Masters

Learn best practices for building production-grade Vue.js applications that can scale and grow! You'll learn component design patterns, workflows to enhance productivity, testing methodologies, state management, routing, best practices for architecting increasingly complex applications, and more.

Vue 3 + TypeScript

Vue Mastery

With Vue 3's enhanced TypeScript support, using it just got easier. Learn how to strengthen your Vue apps with this popular technology.


Inspired from the old 90s game walkthroughs I used to read a ton as a kid, I am dedicating a section of my site to guides to various topics that are of interest to me as time goes on. More to come in this section, but feel free to submit requests for topics if there is anything you'd like to see me write one on!

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