This is the section where I will store more formal articles and tutorials for things that I create. It is different from the blog section which is more catered to stream of thought writing, whereas the content in this section get a lot of revisions.

Live Stream

If you want the latest and greatest, be sure to check out my live streams on Twitch where you can ask questions and chat with me. For upcoming sessions, check out schedule page!

  • Build with Ben - In this session, we focus on building things (usually for the web) and I'll share my thoughts as I embark on various coding adventures!

    For past episodes, check out this Building with Ben YouTube playlist!

  • Obsidian Office Hours - In this session, we talk about all things Obsidian and productivity workflow things.

    For past episodes, check out this Obsidian Office Hours YouTube playlist!


While you can find a lot of my free resources on YouTube and Twitch, here you can find some of the official video courses that I've created on other platforms.

Obsidian Notes

If you're looking for my public digital forest, you can find it here: https://publish.obsidian.md/bencodezen/Home+Page


Inspired from the old 90s game walkthroughs I used to read a ton as a kid, I am dedicating a section of my site to guides to various topics that are of interest to me as time goes on. More to come in this section, but feel free to submit requests for topics if there is anything you'd like to see me write one on!

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