July 1, 2021

Kicking Off Ship 30 for 30

Hey everyone. In another effort to establish a better writing habit, I'm excited to be taking part in Ship 30 for 30! And as part of the inaugural journey, I'm kicking it off with this post.

Why did I join Ship 30 for 30?

One of the biggest challenges I've always had with writing is establishing a consistent cadence. And while there are probably a multitude of reasons for this, the truth is that I wanted some accountability and structure to try and help me move past my blockers.

I know quite a few people in my circles who have taken Write of Passage. And while I've been eyeing that for some time, I wanted to try and dip my toes in the water before deciding if something at that level was necessary. And when I discovered Ship 30 for 30, it was an easy choice to join the program.

What am I looking to write about?

My primary areas of focus revolve around technology, productivity, psychology and philosophy. And while they may seem like disparate areas, I've found that there is quite a lot of overlap and synergy between the different fields.

What would a successful 30 days look like for me?

A successful 30 days for me would involve being able to be engaged with the material being released by the Ship 30 for 30 team, while also forming habits and infrastructure that allows me to form a long term writing ritual.

Where am I currently in my online writing journey and where I hope to be in 30 days

I've always struggled a little bit with writing due to constant distraction and ever-changing priorities. That said, writing has always been enjoyable for me and I'm looking forward to embarking on this journey.

In 30 days, the key metric of success for me will be having established a consistent writing habit. In an ideal world, that would mean there will be 30 blog posts. But in a more realistic sense, if have written at least 4 days every week for the next month, that will be a solid step forward.