January 26, 2019

Weekly Awesome Report #4


To be honest, I almost decided to skip this week because:

  1. I was on a rest week anyways...
  2. I missed my usual Friday publication date

Upon deeper introspection though, I realized that it was because I was ashamed of what I had accomplished (or more like lack thereof). However, I'm releasing this weekly report anyways because it's important to recognize how toxic that kind of mentality can be.

  • Did I fail to achieve anything major from a coding perspective? Yes.
  • But did I spend my time nurturing relationships with people I care about? Abso-forking-lutely yes.

And while those things are not technically achievements, I'm writing this as a reminder that it is just as (if not equally) more valuable to spend time on that.

More importantly, you should never judge yourself based on how much progress you are making. Even if it is but a single step forward, that is something to be proud of. You can always strive for more, but don't diminish the progress you have made thus far.

On an entirely separate note, I'm on the verge of evolving my productivity system which is pretty exciting. So stay tuned for tips and tricks for how I get and track work done in the coming weeks. Cheers! 🥂


Picks of the Week


Mistakes Were Made (But Not by Me)

When it comes to how we reason with the world, this book was mind-blowing good at deconstructing our common mechanisms for dealing with issues like cognitive dissonance. Can't recommend it highly enough for people who want to learn how to better communicate with others while heightening their own self-awareness of unconscious biases and other things.