August 17, 2018

Weekly Progress Report #1


I have recently taken an interest in trying to utilizing the OKRs on my personal life. It has been a rather complex journey of trying various tools and what not, but I do think the method is promising and will be sure to write more as time goes on.

The reason that OKRs are relevant to this post however, is because one of the methodologies they propose is to have a weekly meeting with your team to celebrate what you accomplished and evaluate what's coming up. Since I'm a one man team, I figured I would treat my blog as my soundboard.

With each week, I hope to iterate on the structure of the check-in based on best practices and what works for me. Once I get to a comfortable place, I will be sure to write a post to explain my system so you can adapt to your own if you want. For now, I'll be using a basic text structure to get myself started. Hopefully I'll have more fun interactive pieces as time goes on!


Since my system is not solidified in stone, this week has been rather haphazard as far as goal accomplishment. As predictable as ever, I tried to commmit myself to some pretty audacious goals that I'm unlikely to finish by the end of this week. While some of this is due to a lack of focus from a higher level, most of this is due to needing to get better at accounting for competing priorities that pop-up throughout the week.

This Week

OKR Progress

What changed in the Key Results since the last check-in?

  • This is my first week, so no changes since last check-in!

Confidence Levels

How confidence am I that I will accomplish each Key Result?

  • Complete Nuxt.js course: 0.3*
  • Complete Week 4 of fitness programs: 0.8*

* These scores have a range from 0 to 1. 1 means that you completed the Key Result.


What slowed me down?

  • New work responsibilities which is causing a deviation in the types of mental activities I need to engage in and expand my knowledge on


What am I going to do to improve the results?

  • Run a time analysis in order to better understand how much time I can actually devote to KRs which should help with making sure the right things are devoted time

Next Week

Objective: To have a clear vision of how each week will look

  • Key Result: Write a blog post on my time analysis
  • Key Result: Fill out my OKR table with OKRs for all activity spheres
  • Key Result: Next week's Weekly Progress Report will be more structured