February 1, 2019

Weekly Awesome Report #5


The hardest thing about having an elaborate productivity system is what happens when you want to make changes. Maybe I just didn't design my system well, but it feels like the slightest change has a huge cascading side effect that I have a hard time managing. That said, I am pleased to report that I have begun to shake out some key issues within my system that have been holding me back.

While my coding output has been lower than desired, I have gone through two to three iterations on my productivity system that have results in some key lessons as I try to take my system to the next level. For example, I tried measuring my tasks in pomodoros, but that quickly proved more time consuming than I wanted with little result for my final results.

To be honest, I have actually missed writing the way I did before and will come back to that soon. There's been a lot of backlogged ideas in my head and I really need to clear room for some new ones. 😅

That said, hope everyone had a good January. It's another month and time to tackle some new challenges. Cheers! 🥂


  • Managed to commit some form of code or content for the first 31 days of the year

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