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Everything here is written via the stream of consciousness writing technique and should be treated as a rough draft at best (i.e., very little editing). However, I promise you one thing: none of the posts below are meant to be offensive or malicious in any way. So if you read something that you feel is offensive, please let me know and I'll be happy to take the time to rewrite it!

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  • DevAdvent 2018 Retrospective

    Before it gets too far into 2019, I wanted to write my thoughts on how my DevAdvent experience in 2018 was.

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  • Sunday Studies #2

    When it comes to looping through arrays and performing a function on each item, there are three common methods that you should be familiar with: for, forEach and map. For this week, we are going to practice using these in order to gain familiarity with each one and when one is better to use than another.

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  • Saturday Solutions #1

    Today I will be breaking down different approaches for solving the code challenge in Sunday Studies #1. I will start with using fundamental JavaScript skills and then build up to more modern techniques like ES6.

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  • Weekly Awesome Report #2

    A review and celebration of my achievements and picks of the week for the week leading up to January 11th, 2019.

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  • The 25/75 Rule

    I recently came across an article written by Jared Spool called Good, Bads, and Dailies: Lessons for Conducting Great Critiques which covers the concepts of what makes reviews / critiques good or bad. One thing that stuck out to me in particular was his discussion around Pixar's use of a meeting called Dailies and the 25-75 rule that governed the dailies.

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